Silchester Control Systems “The Industrial Automation Experts”

Are you in control of your process or plant? Or is it in control of you?

Are you informed of the status of your process or plant? Do you have to ‘be there’ to know or will your plant inform you wherever you are?

Do you know why yesterday was better than today? Can you compare last year with this or why those seasonal variations happen?

How efficient are you? Better than last week or last year? What is your OEE?

Can you be assured that your automation partner can deliver the quality assurance, the knowledge, the application of standards and adherence to good practice guidance that is of great importance in giving you a world-class plant?

Are you concerned if you can rely on your automation partner to support your systems throughout their life cycle? Do you get unbiased advice? Do you know if you’re critical control systems are based on obsolete hardware and software and if so are they still supportable? Has your automation partner kept you informed?

Can you plan ahead to maximise your return on investment with sensible upgrade paths for your systems?

Is your environmental policy and green agenda helped or hindered by your plant automation?

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